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Hailing from Boston MA, Little Musket  combines influences from genres across the board, most notably country-western, gospel, and folk, and compliments it with unique instrumentation, creating a sound that is truly her own.

Grounded in reality, while also deeply concerned with folk-lore and fables, Little Musket creates her own brand of what she calls "gunne sax goth" music through haunting melodies and innovative percussion.

EP Release 

The EP is officially out! 

Listen here

Putting together Cd's for the  release tomorrow

All original artwork, handwritten track lists, and special personal thank you doodles from me!

But there will only be about 20, and you can only get them Saturday at the show.

See you there


Introducing Little Musket  

as some of you may have noticed 
Portraits is no longer.

After a lot of thought and careful consideration, I've decided to change my name to Little Musket. 
"Portraits" was something I decided to go by when I was 18 years old, and still in high school, and it always felt like a placeholder/ something that I've grown out of.

I really love my new name, and I hope you guys come to love it just as much, (If not more!!!) than Portraits.

So R.I.P Portraits

Long live Little Musket

To celebrate the news, here's my other big announcement: 
a track from my NEW FOUR SONG EP of live demos that I'll be releasing in a few days! Enjoy


Memorials at The Barn  

A few pictures from The Barn show this past Friday, held in memory of a fallen animal friend.
We had a touching moment of silence that was unfortunately not photographed. Have to say
small house shows are becoming my favorite gigs to play
Also someone asked me after the show if they could join my cult
Greatest compliment ever

Great people, great music.
Keep doing what you're doing y'all.



  Joe Folan 

Harlot is the New BlackBoxers Jaw 

Boxers Jaw 

Artwork by Brian Huntress

All Photos by Inlaid Avenue Jail



Thanks Goorin Bros! 

I had such a great time playing Goorin Brothers Hat Shop on Newbury Street this past Thursday! Such a cool little space.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by!


Gulu Gulu 7/2/14 

Dear Salem, 
Enjoy this blurry/doofy picture of me running amok in your town.
Thank you for funding my Kevin Durant slush from sonic.
till next time

Brunch at the Middle East 2/7 

A few pictures from Portraits' first brunch show (solo) at the Middle East Corner on Saturday, 2/7.

Our friends, Troll 2 always brings the folk-punk vibes! Go see them if you get the chance cause they're awesome!


Only the Beginning  

James and I have had such an amazing time playing out over our respective winter breaks. The positive response we have gotten from everyone has been amazing, and overwhelming, we can't thank you enough for all your support.
We played on the radio, took a road trip to Haverhill, and had the privilege of performing at some of our favorite venues, as well as along side some of our favorite bands, and ate a lot of french fries while doing it.

Unfortunately now that it's time for us to head back to our respective schools, James will no longer play percussion, and has instead elected to focus on his studies.

But on the bright side there are awesome new tunes in the works for you guys to look forward to. Patience is a virtue!
Keep an eye out for Portraits in Amherst and Boston. 

.....Or just at your local McDonalds, cause chances are we'll probably be there at some point or another.


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